Aegina was a Daughter of the river god Asopos. Aegina was one of the many women who Zeus loved and abducted. Aegina was then taken to the island Oenone where she gave birth to Aeacus. The island Oenone would later be called Aegina and Aeacus will be the king of it. Zeus's elite army (The Myrmidons) trained and gathered in Aegina. Zeus chose the island Aegina to be the place where the Myrmidons trained and gathered because Aegina did not have any villagers and he thought it was a good place. The Mrmydons would later be commanded by Achilles. There were also some famous people who lived in Aegina such as Smilis, Paul of Aegina, Onatas, Ptolichus and saint Athanasia of Aegina.


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