There were several African monsters and beasts that made appearances in the Greek myths. They are sometimes called Theres Aithiopikoi.

Normal Beasts

  • Elephantoi - Elephants; one of the favored elephants was a sub-species of elephant that was common in Mauretania. They are now extinct.
  • Hippopotamoi - Hippopotamus'
  • Hyainai - Hyenas
  • Kamelopardales - Giraffes; they were known as "camel-leopards" to the Greeks.
  • Krokodiloi - Crocodiles
  • Leontes - Lions; they weren't only native to Africa but also to Ancient Greece.
  • Onokentauroi - Possibly chimpanzees; they were known as "donkey-centaurs" to the Greeks.
  • Pardales - Leopards; also native to Ancient Greece
  • Rhinokerotoi - Rhinoceroses; known as "nose-horns" to the Greeks.

Legendary Beasts


ve Beasts
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