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A statue of Agdistis


Agdistis was a Greek deity with both the male and female sexual organs.


Since she has both the sexual organs of a male and female, the gods were afraid of her. One day, Dionysus, in some myths Liber, put sleeping potion in her drinking well. When the potion took effect and made her sleep, Dionysus/Liber, tied his penis to her foot with a strong rope and when she awoke, ripped his penis out and thus castrating himself. The blood from his severed penis grew an almond tree. Then, a daughter of a river god, Nana, picked up an almond and placed it in her bosom and she became pregnant with Attis. Some myths say Attis was born straight out of the almond itself. When Attis grew up, he became a very handsome young man and caught the eye of Agdistis. However, he was to marry another woman, the daughter of the king of Pessinus and he went ahead with the plan. But the moment the wedding song commenced, Agdistis showed up and driven everyone mad, causing them the king and Attis to castrate themselves and the bride to cut off her breasts. In remorse, Agdistis obtained the permission from Zeus that the body of Attis would not decompose or disappear. Attis's body was then buried at the foot of a hill named Agdistis in Phrygia.