Agylleus is a son of Herakles son by an unknown consort.  In size Agylleus is as big as his father but he lacks Herakles' close-knit strength of body, he is loose-limbed and unsteady with soft of muscle.  Despite this, Agylleus along with Aktor and several companions did successfully attack Argos.


Herakles & Unknown Consort

Ancient Text

Thus had he been wont to spend the leisure intervals of fighting and relax his martial ire, and with mighty heroes on the banks of Achelous did he strive, heaven-taught, in many a victorious bout. Therefore, when keen ambition called the youths to wrestle, the Aetolian puts off the terrible covering of native boar-hide from his shoulders. Against him Agylleus, who boasts of Cleonaean stock, raises his tall limbs, no less in bulk than Hercules, so loftily he towers with huge shoulders and monstrously surpasses human measure. But he lacks his father's close-knit strength of body; loose-limbed and overgrown is he, unsteady and soft of muscle; hence is Oenides boldly confident to overthrow so mighty an antagonist.
- Statius, Thebaid, 6. 837

Beside the rest the seer takes with him Agylleus, son of Hercules, and Actor: persuasive of speech is Actor, the other boasts strength equal to his sire's; with each go ten companions, a troop that even in open fight the Aonians would fear. He himself, since he goes to unwonted battle and ruse of war, lays down the sacred leaves, the emblems of Phoebus, and entrusts the glory of his brow to the bosom of the aged prince, and dons helm and corslet, the welcome gift of Polynides. Fierce Capaneus fastens his heavy sword on Actor, not deigning himself to go by stealth against the foe, or to follow where heaven leads. Agylleus borrows the arms of truculent Nomius; for what would the bow and shafts of Hercules have availed him, battling amid deceiving shades?
- Statius, Thebaid, 10. 249

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