Ambrosia (Αμβροσια) or Ambrosie whose name means "Of the Fruit-Drink" was one of the Okeanides who helped nurse the child Dionysos. At Zeus' request, she helped the child so that the vindictive Hera would not harm the future wine-god. Ambrosia is listed in Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica.


Classical Text

- Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica 2. 21
"It [the constellation Taurus] faces towards the East, and the stars which outline the face are called Hyades. These, Pherecydes the Athenian [mythographer C5th B.C.] says, are the nurses of Liber [Dionysos], seven in number, who earlier were Nymphae (Nymphs) called Dodonidae. Their names are as follows : Ambrosia, Eudora, Pedile, Coronis, Polyxo, Phyto, and Thyone. They are said to have been put to flight by Lycurgus and all except Ambrosia took refuge with Thetis, as Asclepiades [Greek poet C3rd B.C.] says."

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