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This is an alternative spelling for Aniketos (Ανικητος), along with his twin brother Alexiares, is the god of sports, athletics, and defensive strategy. They are the twin sons of Hebe, the goddess of youth, and Herakles, gatekeeper of Olympus and strongest demigod in history. Little is known about the two, but they are eternally children, (probably 13-19) and were worshiped primarily in Rhodes and Thebes.


Herakles & Hebe


Alexiares (Twin Brother) & (Many half-siblings on his father's side)

Classical Text

"[Herakles] achieved immortality, and when Hera's enmity changed to friendship, he married her daughter Hebe, who bore him sons Alexiares and Aniketos."
- Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 2. 158 (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.)