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Part of an Image of the Kalydonian Boar Hunt along with names. Ankaeus is shown fallen dead.

Ankaeus, son of King Lykurgus of Arkadia, was both an Argonaut and a participant in the Kalydonian Boar Hunt, in which he met his end. His arms were ominously hidden at home, but he set forth, dressed in a bearskin and armed only with a labrys (λάβρυς "doubled-bladed axe"). 

While Ankaeus did survive the quest for the Golden Fleece, he was not so fortunate with regard to the Kalydonian Boar Hunt.  Ankaeus' end came from his boasting.  While he was bragging he did not pay attention which gave the boar time to charge. Ankaeus was speared on the boar's tusks at the upper part of the groin and intestents burst forth from the gashes it had made.

His wife was named Iotis, and his mother was either Kleophyle or Eurynome according to one account, or Antinoe according to another one. Ankaeus' son Agapenor led the Arcadian forces during the Trojan War.


Lykurgus & Eurynome or Kleophyle or Antinoe

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