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Apple of Discord


Aphrodite, Eris (formerly)
Its beauty caused a rivalry of three goddesses which acted as the trigger that started the Trojan War.

The Apple of Discord was the object used by Eris to cause discord among the gods.


Eris was not invited to a wedding between Thetis and Peleus. Infuriated by this, she tossed a solid gold apple into the wedding. It had inscribed on it "TO THE FAIREST". All of the gods recoiled and most goddesses, but Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera fought over the title. They asked Zeus who it belonged to, and he responded to ask Paris, a mortal prince. They showed him the Apple, and asked the question, bribing him with gifts. He chose Aphrodite, and would cause war between the gods and mortals.

The apple is an important symbol to Erisians aka Discordians who worship Eris.

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