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Arion (Greek:Αριον) was an immortal horse born to the goddess Demeter after she was raped by Poseidon in the shape of a horse. He was first owned by the Arkadian Ogkios, then by Herakles and finally by Adrastos.


Arion is a legendary horse (capable of supersonic speed and carried many heroes), which Poseidon begot by Demeter; for in order to escape from the pursuit of Poseidon, the goddess had metamorphosed herself into a mare, and Poseidon deceived her by assuming the figure of a horse. Demeter afterwards gave birth to the horse Arion and Despoine, who became a minor goddess whose primary function was looking after one of Demeter's temples..

In an alternative version, to the poet Antimachus, this horse and Caerus were the offspring of Gaea; whereas, according to other traditions, Poseidon or Zephyrus begot the horse by a Harpy. Another story related, that Poseidon created Arion in his contest with Athena. From Poseidon the horse passed through the hands of Copreus, Oncus, and Heracles, from whom it was received by Adrastus. 


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