Asterius was the son of Hyperasius. Asterius along with his brother Amphion were listed among the Argonauts.  He is mentioned by Apollonius of Rhodes, in Argonautica 1.176. what his role in the adventure was is in question.  There is some question over the name because while Apollonius names him Asterius, Hyginus names him as Asterion and in Apollonius' list of Argonauts there is one named Asterion who is the child of Kometes 



Ancient Text

"Asterion and Amphion, sons of Hyperasius, others say of Hippasus, from Pellene".
- Hyginus, Fabulae, 14

"Asterius and Amphion, sons of Hyperasius, came from Achaean Pellene, which once Pelles their grandsire founded on the brows of Aegialus."
- Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 1.176

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