In Greek mythology, Auge (Greek: Αὐγή) a daughter of Aleus and Neaera and priestess of Athena Alea at Tegea, bore the hero Telephus to Heracles. Her father had been told by an oracle that he would be overthrown by his grandson. She secreted the baby in the temple of Athena. A scarcity of grain alerted Aleus that there was a profanation of the temple, and he discovered the child.


Aleus, king in Tegea and father of Auge, had been told by an oracle that he would be overthrown by his grandson. Attempting to outwit the prophecy, he forced Auge to become a virginal priestess of Athena Alea, in which condition she was violated by Herakles. Although the infant Telephus was hidden in the temple, his cries revealed his presence and Aleus ordered the child exposed on Mt. Parthenion, the "mountain of the Virgin [Athena]". The child was suckled by a deer through the agency of Heracles.

Another version tells that King Aleus put Auge and the baby in a crate that was set adrift on the sea and washed up on the coast of Mysia in Asia Minor.

A third version tells that King Aleus exposed Telephus and sold Auge into slavery; she was thereby given as a gift to King Teuthras.

In either case, Telephus was adopted, either by King Korykus or by King Kreon.


Neaera & King Aleus of Tegea

Spouse & Lovers

Herakles (lover)


Telephus (by Herakles)

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