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Axios is a river-god in what in ancient times was Makedonia and Paionia and is now in modern day, northern Greece and Makedonia.   The River Axios had its headwaters in the mountains of Paeonia and flowed south to empty into the Aegean sea near Pella, capital of Makedonia." The major neighbouring rivers were the Strymon to the east, and Haliakmon in the south. Brykhon stream of nearby Khalkidike was also personified.


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Ancient Text

Homer, Iliad 4. 848 ff (Greek epic C8th B.C.)
"The Paionians (Paeonians) [allies of the Trojans] . . . from Amydon far away and the broad stream of Axios (Axius), Axios, whose stream on all earth is the lovelies."

Homer, Iliad 21. 140 ff
 [The Trojan ally] Asteropaios the son of Pelegon; who in turn was born of the wide-running river Axios, and of Periboia, eldest of the daughters of Akessamenos, for she lay in love with the deep-whirling river. Against this man Akhilleus rose up, and he came to face him from the river, holding two spears, for Xanthos [the River of Troy] had inspired valour into his heart . . . "

"From Oceanus and Tethys [were born] the Oceanides . . . Of the same descent Rivers: Strymon, Nile, Euphrates, Tanais, Indus, Cephisus, Ismenus, Axenus [Axios], Achelous, Simoeis, Inachus, Alpheus, Thermodon, Scamandrus, Tigris, Maeandrus, Orontes."