Bellerophon (Βελλεροφων) or Bellerophontês (Βελλεροφοντης) was a hero. He slayed the Khimaira with the help of Athena and Pegasus.

Meeting of Pegasus

Bellerophon slept at Athena's temple. In a dream Athena gave him a golden bridle to harness Pegasus and that Pegasus should be there as soon as he woke up. Bellerophon woke up from the dream with a golden bridle in his hands. When he went out, he saw the majestic Pegasus, drinking from a spring. He used the golden bridle and armed himself with spears and a bow and a quiver of arrows. Bellerophon then rode into battle with Pegasus. After a long fight, Bellerophon had finally slain the Khimaira.


Bellerophon later became too arrogant and attempted to ride up to Olympus using Pegasus to become a God. Zeus saw this as a threat and struck Bellerophon down with a thunderbolt, killing him instantly. Pegasus alone rode to the heavens and Zeus transformed it into the Pegasus constellation we know today. In some cases, people say that he survived, but was despised by mortals and gods alike and died a lonely death.


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