Kalais & Zethes, better known as the Boreads, were the winged sons of the God of the North Wind Boreas (hence the name Boread). The brothers were also members of the group known as The Argonauts.

Best Known For

They were Argonauts and played a particularly vital role in the rescue of the blind seer Phineus from the harpies. They succeeded in driving the monsters away but did not kill them, at a request from the goddess of the rainbow, Iris, who promised that Phineas would not be bothered by the harpies again. As thanks, Phineas told the Argonauts how to pass the Symplegades. It is said that the Boreads were turned back by Iris at the Strophades. The islands' name, meaning "Islands of Turning", refers to this event

Heracles' Grudge & Their Subsequent Deaths

Heracles had joined the search for The Golden Fleece and had brought his friend Hylas with him on the Argo, making him one of the Argonauts. Early on Heracles broke his oar and Heracles and Hylas set ashore at Pegae to find wood to make a new one. While the two were looking for wood, Hylas was kidnapped by nymphs of the spring of Pegae, that fell in love with him in Mysia and he vanished without a trace. This upset Heracles greatly, so he along with fellow Argonaut Polyphemus searched for a great length of time. After some of the time had passed Calais & Zetes convinced the Argonauts that Heracles and Polyphemus were taking too long and they should set sail without them. This was an insult that would not be forgotten, years after performing his 12 labors Heracles tracked the two down and shot them with arrows.

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