Britomartis is the daughter of Karme and Zeus. She is the virgin goddess of hunting, fishing and nets. Her name means "Sweet Maiden". For all of her mortal life, she lived on the island of Crete. In some myths she is a hunter of Artemis and was very dear to her.


The king of Crete, king Minos, wanted Britomartis. Some girls would accept right away but Britomartis was a devoted maiden so she ran. This went on for nine months before one day Minos cornered her. She was at the edge of a cliff and had no where to run. She jumped and hid herself in a fishermans net to hide. The goddess Artemis took pity on the girl and was happy that she did all of that to remain a maiden so she turned Britomartis into a goddess. She became the goddess of fishing, hunting, and nets.

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