The Gigantomachia was the term used for the war between the gods and the Gigantes who were the children of Gaia & Tartarus.  Many of the Gigantes were there specifically born to appose certain deities such as the highly intelligent Gigante Enkelados who fought Athena goddess of Wisdom or Porphyrion the leader of the Gigantes who was defeated by Zeus king of the gods.  Other Gigantes such as Leon or Peloreus were merely there to fight.  It was fortold that with the exception of Alkyones who was immortal in the confines of his homeland god could defeat a Gigante without help from a mortal hero.  For this purpose the gods brought Herakles (in some accounts they also recieved aid from the Dioskouroi Castor & Pollux) to finish off the Gigantes.

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