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Daedalus & Pasiphae

Daedalus was a legendary inventor and teacher (tutor). Among other things he created The Labyrinth which kept The Minotaur prisoner. He was the son of Metion.


Deadalus built the Labyrinth in Crete at the behest of King Minos to contain the Minotaur which was eventually slain by Theseus.

Deadalus was imprisoned to stop him from revealing the secrets of the Labyrinth. In order to escape the island, he created wings out of discarded feathers and wax. He made one set for himself and another for his son, Icarus, and taught Icarus how to fly. Having warned his son not to fly too close to the sun as it might melt the wax or too close to the sea as it would soak the feathers, the pair flew away from their prison. However, Icarus ignored his father's warnings and died as a result.




  • The Labyrinth
  • Wax Wings
  • Various temples
  • Carpentry and various associated tools
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