Not much is known about this particular Okeanid. She does is however listed by the Roman Poet Virgil in book four of Georgics where he writes "About her [Kyrene (Cyrene), a nymphe of the River Peneios,] the Nymphae were spinning fleeces of Miletus, dyed with rich glassy hue--Drymo and Xantho, Ligea and Phyllodoce, their shining tresses floating over snowy necks [probably four Naiads]; Nesaea and Spio, Thalia and Cymodoce [four Nereids]; Cydippe and golden-haired Lycorias--a maiden one, the other having but felt the first birth-throes; Clio and Beroe, her sister, daughters of Oceanus both, both arrayed in gold, and both in dappled hides [as huntresses]; Ephyre and Opis, and Asian Deiopea, and fleet Arethusa, her arrows laid aside at last. Among these Clymene was telling of . . . the countless loves of the gods."


Okeanos & Tethys

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