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The Drakainae are female dragon-like creatures which had the upper body of a woman and the rest being a writhing snake tail. Whenever they were slain it was always by a god or demigods.

The Drakainae

  • Kampe, who kept the hecatoncheires and the Elder Kyklops hostage by order of Kronus (slain by Zeus)
  • Delphyne, sometimes accompanied by or replacing Python (slain by Apollo)
  • Ekhidna, called Mother of All Monsters (slain by Argos Penoptes, by order of Hera)
  • Sybaris, who terrorized the countryside of Delphi (slain by Eurybaros)
  • Skythian Drakaina

Characters who seemingly were Drakainae, but not necessarily

  • Ceto, goddess of the dangers of the sea
  • Lamia, a mortal consort of Zeus, cursed by Hera, sometimes said to be a drakaina
  • Python, being referred to as male or female, has a confusing story, sometimes a drakaina, sometimes a giant dragon-like snake sided by Delphyne (slain by Apollo)


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