Electryon was the son of Perseus and Andromeda. He was the brother of Perses, Alcaeus, Heleus, Mestor, Cynurus, Gorgophone, Autochthe, and Sthenelus. He became king of Mycenae and married Anaxo, the daughter of his brother Alcaeus. Together they had one daughter, Alkmene, and many sons: Stratobates, GorgophonusPhylonomus, Celaeneus, Amphimachus, ChirimachusAnactor, and Archelaus. He also had an illegitimate son, Licymnius, by Midea.

The six sons of Pterelaus, descended from Mestor, came to Mycenae to claim a share of the kingdom. When Electryon refused their request, they drove off his cattle. This started a battle between the sons of Pterelaus and the sons of Electryon. All but Licymnius (Electryon) and Everes (Pterelaus) were killed. Everes then sold the cattle to Polyxenus of Elis, which were bought by Amphitryon to give back to Electryon. Amphitryon then accidentally killed Electryon by throwing a club at one of the cows. Sthenelus seized the throne of Mycenae, charged Amphitryon with murder, and sent him into exile.

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