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Sketch of the other half of the opening battle during the Giant War which was shown in Black and White. Ares with a spear is shown striking down Mimon who was armed with a sword. Apollo who holds a bow in one hand and a sword in the other fights Ephialtes and Hera spear in hand prepares to finish Phoitos who holds only his spear (his shield seems to have fallen

Ephialtes (Ἐφιάλτης) (sometimes known as Udaeus) was one of the 100 Gigantes created to overthrow the Olympians by storming Olympus. Ephialtes was slain by the combined efforts of Herakles and Apollo. Each shot an arrow in to the eye of Ephialtes. Under normal circumstances it would take only one to kill a monster like Ephialtes but because when Gaia bore them she made it so nearly all had to be killed by a god and a hero, hence the need for both to shoot Ephialtes.


Gaia & Tartaros



There a Giant another giant named Ephialtes who along with his brother Otos were called the "Aloadai." The two twins attempted to reach and storm Olympus by stacking mountains on top of one another.



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