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Eukleia is listed among the children of Herakles and a woman named Myrto.  There is very little about her and she is overshadowed by one of the younger Kharites of the same name.  There is also a possibility which Plutarch suggests that the Eukleia counted among the younger Kharites is the same one born to Herakles and Myrto. This is however highly doubtful seeing as how the other three younger Kharites were born to Aglaia and Hephaistos and it is widely accepted that there was a fourth daughter of Aglaia and Hephaistos named Eukleia.


Herakles & Myrto

Ancient Text

"In admiration of him [an historical war-hero] the Plataians gave him burial in the sanctuary of Artemis Eukleia (Eucleia), and inscribed upon his tomb this tetrameter verse:--Eukhidas (Euchidas), to Pytho running, came back here the selfsame day. Now Eukleia is regarded by most as Artemis, and is so addressed; but some say she was a daughter of Herakles and of that Myrto who was daughter of Menoitios (Menoetius) and sister of Patroklos (Patroclus), and that, dying in virginity, she received divine honors among the Boiotians and Lokrians. For she has an altar and an image built in every market place, and receives preliminary sacrifices from would-be brides and bridegrooms [as goddess of good repute]."
- Plutarch, Life of Aristides 20. 5 (Greek historian C1st to C2nd A.D.)