In Greek Mythology Eumolpus was a legendary Thracian king who established the city of Eumolpias, also called Eumolpiada (present-day Plovdiv) around 1200 BC (or 1350 BC), naming it after himself.

In mythology, Eumolpus (Ancient Greek: Εὔμολπος) Eumolpos, was the son of Poseidon and Khione. In the legend he is described neither Greek, nor Thracian or Roman, but Libyan. Though his mother Khione is said to be a Thracian princess, according to the Bibliotheca Khione is the daughter of Boreas Oreithyia, pregnant with Eumolpus by Poseidon, was frightened of her father's reaction so she threw the baby into the ocean. Poseidon looked after him and brought him to shore in Aethiopia where Benthesikyme, a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite raised the child, who then married one of Benthesikyme's two daughters by her Ethiopian husband. Eumolpus however loved a different daughter and was banished because of this. He went with his son Ismarus (or Immaradus) to Thrace. There, he was discovered in a plot to overthrow King Tegyrios and fled to Eleusis.

In Eleusis, Eumolpus became one of the first priests of Demeter and one of the founders of the Eleusinian Mysteries. He initiated Heracles into the mysteries. When Ismarus died, Tegyrios sent for Eumolpus, they made peace and Eumolpus inherited the Thracian kingdom. Eumolpus was an excellent musician and singer; he played the aulos and the lyre. He won a musical contest in the funereal games of Pelias. He taught music to Herakles. During a war between Athens and Eleusis, Eumolpus sided with Eleusis. His son, Immaradus, was killed by King Erechtheus. In some sources, Erechtheus also killed Eumolpus, and Poseidon asked Zeus to avenge his son's death. Zeus killed Erechtheus with a lightning bolt or Poseidon made the earth open up and swallow Erechtheus. Eleusis lost the battle with Athens but the Eumolpides and Kerykes, two families of priests to Demeter, continued the Eleusinian mysteries. Eumolpus' youngest son, Herald-Keryx founded the lines. According to Diogenes Laertius Eumolpus was the father of Musaeus.


Poseidon & Khione

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