Eurymēdē was one of the daughters of King King Oeneus of Calydon and Althaea. After the death of their brother Meleager, Eurymēdē and her sister mourned so much that Artemis turned them to guinea fowls.


King Oeneus & Althaea

Ancient Text

"And all the mighty realm of Calydon was filled with lamentations—young and old the common people and the nobles mourned; and all the wailing women tore their hair his father threw his body on the ground, and as he covered his white hair and face with ashy dust, bewailed his aged days. Althaea, maddened in her mother's grief, has punished herself with a ruthless hand; she pierced her heart with iron.—Oh! if some God had given a resounding harp, a voice an hundred-fold more mighty, and a soul enlarged with genius, I could never tell the grief of his unhappy sisters.—They, regardless of all shame, beat on their breasts; before the body was consumed with fire, embraced it, and again embracing it, rained kisses on their loved one and the bier. And when the flames had burnt his shrinking form they strained his gathered ashes to their breasts, and prostrate on the tomb kissed his dear name, cut only in the stone,—and bathed it with their tears Latona's daughter, glutted with the woes inflicted on Parthaon's house, now gave two of the weeping sisters wide-spread wings, but Gorge and the spouse of Hercules not so were changed. Latona stretched long wings upon their arms, transformed their mouths to beaks, and sent them winging through the lucent air."
Ovid, Metamorphoses, VIII, 532-545

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