Eurypylus was one of two children born to Poseidon and Astypalaea. Poseidon took the form of a flying fish and abducted Astypalaea where he seduced her.


Poseidon & Astypalaea

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Eurypylus is the name for several other Greek Figures some are below

  • Eurypylus the son of Euaemon and Ops.  He was a Thessalian king and was a former suitor of Helen thus he led the Thessalians during Trojan War.
  • Eurypylus the son of Telephus and Astyokhe.
  • Eurypylus was the name of another son of Poseidon (this one by the Pleiad Kelaeno). He ruled over the Fortunate Islands.
  • Eurypylus was the name of a son of Herakles by Eubote  (Daughter of Thespius).
  • Eurypylus was the son of Telestor and the father of Asterodia.
  • Eurypylus was a son of Thestius. He participated in the hunt for the Kalydonian Boar, during which he insulted Atalanta and was killed by Meleager.
  • Eurypylus was a son of Dexamenus who accompanied Herakles in his Trojan campaign. According to Pausanias, some authors related of him, and not of the son of Euaemon, the story of the cursed chest.
  • Eurypylus was a son of Eurystheus killed by Herakles at a sacrificial meal (alongside his brothers Perimedes and Eurybius).
  • Eurypylus, one of the suitors of Penelope, from Dulikhium.
  • Eurypylus was a son of Temenus and subsequently the brother of Agelaus, Kallias and Hyrnetho. As Temenus intended to leave his kingdom to Hyrnetho and Deiphontes, Eurypylus and his brothers hired assassins to kill Temenus, but the army still supported their sister and her husband.
  • Eurypylus was the  father of two daughters Morphe and Klyte.  The daughters were said to have been the first prostitutes in history.
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