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The Hamadryad by Émile Bin

A Hamadryad by John Waterhouse 1883

One of the Hamadryades

The Hamadryades were eight then later nine Dryad nymphs who with the exception of Dryope were the daughters of the forest spirit Oxylos and Hamadryas. The names of the Hamadryades are:

  • Aigeiros was the nymph of the black poplar
  • Ampelos the nymph of the vine, including the wild grape, bryony, black bryony and the wrack
  • Balanis the nymph of acorn-bearing trees such as the holm and prickly-cupped oaks
  • Karya the nymph of the nut tree, both the hazel and walnut and possibly also the sweet chestnut
  • Kraneia the nymph of the cornelian cherry tree
  • Morea the nymph of the mulberry tree or else the wild olive
  • Ptelea the nymph of the European elm
  • Syke the nymph of the fig tree
  • Dryope the nymph of a poplar tree (the only Hamadryad not born to Oxylos and Hamadryas)