Hedone, is the Ancient Greek Goddess of Pleasure, Enjoyment and Delight. She is the daughter of Eros and Psyche, and as such she is more specifically the Goddess of Sensual Pleasure. In Roman Mythology, she is known as Voluptas, where she is an associate of The Graces. Hedone's opposites were the Algos, personifications of pain.


Eros & Psykhe (parents)

Ares and Aphrodite (paternal grandparents)

Psyche's Parents (maternal grandparents)

Anteros, Himeros, Pothos, Phobos, Diemos (paternal uncles)

Harmonia, Enyo and Adrestia (paternal aunts)

Psyche's sisters (maternal aunts)

Hera and Zeus (paternal great grandparents)

Dione and Zeus or Ouranos (paternal great grandparent~s)


Hedone means 'pleasure' in Greek and is the root word of 'Hedonism'.

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