Himeros (Ancient Greek: Ἱμερος "uncontrollable desire") is the god of sexual desire or unrequited love. He is one of the Erotes


Like his brothers, he is depicted with a bow and arrows to create desire and lust in mortals. He personifies sexual desire or unrequited love. He is usually shown winged and as a young man or a child.

Himeros is usually shown with a bow and arrow and/or a taenia, a colorful headband worn by athletes. He is also usually depicted near or with Eros, his twin brother.


In one myth, Himeros and his twin brother Eros, were present when Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. But in other myths, Aphrodite is pregnant with the twins when she was born or she had them with the god of war, Ares.


Aphrodite & Ares



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