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Khione (Nymph)

Khione (from χιών - chiōn, "snow") was the child of Boreas the North wind and Winter and his wife Oreithyia. Khione is often associated with Oreithyia ("Mountain Gale").


She was depicted as either a minor goddess or snow nymph whose realm belonged to snow. She was loved by Poseidon and had with him a son Eumolpus. In fear of her father's wrath, she cast the child into the sea, but Poseidon saved him.

Different myths exist surrounding Khione. One of them portrays her as a woman, so vain on account of her beauty, that she claimed that she could rival Artemis. Artemis, furious at the accusation, took an arrow and killed her. She was also said to have a relationship with her future murderer's twin and fellow gods, Apollo and Hermes.

Since she was very beautiful, she had countless suitors, including the two gods. Apollo waited for nightfall and then approached her in the guise of an old woman. Hermes put her to sleep and raped her. She became pregnant with twins, one Autolykus the son of Hermes, and the other Philammon, the son of Apollo.


Boreas The God of the North wind and Winter and his wife Oreithyia.

Spouse & Lovers

Poseidon (lover)
Apollo (lover/rapist)
Hermes (lover/rapist)


Autolykus (by Hermes)
Philammon (by Apollo)
Eumolpus (by Poseidon)




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