The Kholkikos Drakon was the ever awake serpent that guarded the Golden Fleece in a grove sacred to Ares in Kolkhis. When the Argonauts came to acquire the Fleece, they had to get past it. There are two theories as towards how they past the Drakon, either Medea put the monster to sleep so Jason could grab the fleece while it slumbered or Jason slew it.  There is also a belief that the monster swallowed Jason and then regurgitated him thanks to the power of Medea, so that Jason could then slay the beast. After the monster was killed, its teeth were taken, and just as Kadmus did they were planted in the earth. From the teeth were grown the Spartoi.

The Kholkikos Drakon is associated with the Ismenian Drakon not only because both caused Spartoi to grow from its teeth (both Drakons had their teeth planted in the ground) but because the Ismenian Drakon was a son of Ares and the Kholkios Drakon guarded a grove sacred to Ares.

The Kholkikos Drakon is sometimes confused with the Hesperian Drakon because both guarded sacred objects in a location (the Hesperian Drakon guarding the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides) but because just as the Kholkikos Drakon was unresting, the fact that Ladon had one-hundred heads meant that he was rarely completely asleep.


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