Little is known about Herakles' son Khromis. The name of his mother is not mentioned except by the Roman poet Statius in book six of the epic poem Thebaid. There are however some who would mistake Herakles' son for any of the other men who share his name (especially since four men named Chromis were in the myth Seven Against Thebes).


Herakles & Unknown Consort

Ancient Text

Lo! the young sons of Jason, too, their mother Hypsipyle's new-found pride, took stand upon the chariots wherein each rode, Thoas, bering the name of his grandsire, proper to his race, and Euneos, called from Argo's omen. In everything were the twins alike, in looks, in car and steeds, in raiment, and in the harmony of their wishes, either to win or to lose only at a brother's hands. Next ride Chromis and Hippodamus, the one born of mighty Hercules, the other of Oenomaus: it were doubtful which drove more madly.
Statius, Thebaid, 6.340-6.346


  • Seven other men in Greek Mythology share this name.
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