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According to Homer Klymene-Asie (Κλυμηνηas-Ασιη) was the Titaness goddess of renown, fame and infamy. Klymene was one of the older Okeanides (daughter of Okeanos and Tethys)among which were numbered Titanides goddess of renown, fame and infamy. It is quite apt that she should be the god of infamy based on her her husband and children. Iapetos was sent to Tartarus alive foe his part in the Titan War, Atlas acted as Kronos' second in command during the Titan war and was punished by being forced to hold the sky for all eternity. Prometheus stole fire from the gods and was punished by being chained to a rock and have his liver pecked out by an eagle only to have it grow back and be pecked the next day. The gods manipulated Epimetheus' stupidity so that he was indirectly responsible for the release of horrible things into the world. As for Menoitios being the titan god of rash violent actions resulted in Zeus destroying him with a lightning bolt and sending his soul to Tartarus. Her husband was banished to Tartarus for his actions, two of her children were to be forever punished because of their actions, a third partially responsible for the bad in the world and another killed because of his rash violent actions. That truly is infamy.


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