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Kratos or Cratus (Greek: Κράτος) is the Greek God of strength, power, might and sovereign rule.


Kratos, alongside his siblings Nike, Bia, and Zelus were the winged enforcers of Zeus.

Kratos is also the deity who imprisoned Prometheus with chains.

The Aeschylus in the tragedy of Prometheus bound presents the Kratos and Bia as servants/believers Zeus to help the Hephaestus to bind Prometheus to the rocks of Caucasus. From the words of Kratos is that the viewer is informed that Prometheus was punished for stealing fire and gave it to humans. Kratos adds that "free one, only Zeus" (God would say today). But it's praises since he also says that Zeus is more "crafty" from Prometheus and that "it is skliropsychos each new master". Overall, however, Kratos simply accepts the command of Zeus otherwise without thinking. The justice of Zeus is on Kratos the only possible justice. Kratos is unable to feel friendship or pity, because it has its own value system accepting that which has been imposed by Zeus.


  • In Greek mythology "Kratos" means "power" or "Strength".
  • As he is one of the winged enforces alongside his siblings, he is known as a "sky tide" of Zeus.