Leukothea (Gr: Λευκοθεα), or Leucothea, was a sea goddess who aided sailors in distress. She was sometimes called Ino


Kadmos (father) & Harmonia (mother)

Spouse & Lovers

Athamas (husband)


Learkhos (son)
Melikertes (son who would be renamed Palaemon)


She was once a mortal princess named Ino, a daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes. She and her husband Athamas incurred the wrath of Hera when they fostered the infant god Dionysos. As punishment Hera drove Athamas into a murderous rage and he slew his eldest child. Ino grapped the other, and in her flight leapt off a cliff into the sea. The pair were welcomed into the company of the marine gods and renamed Leukothea (the White Goddess) and Palaimon. Leukothea later came to the aid of Odysseus when his raft had been destroyed by Poseidon, and wrapped him in the safety of her buoyant shawl.

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