Statue of Meleager modeled after Skopas

While Meleagros (better known as Meleager) was listed as one of the Argonauts, his true claim to fame was for the Kalydonian Boar Hunt. While Meleagros was responsible for the Kalydonian Boar, he gave the head to Atlanta as a trophy for she had drawn first blood. Plexippus and Toxeus however objected to a woman taking the trophy.  Meleagros got in a fight with the two of them and killed them.

When Althaea learned of the death of her brothers at the hands of her son, she felt compelled to avenge them.  Althea burned a brand into Meleagros killing him.  After doing so Althea having kiled her own son, killed herself either by hanging herself or stabbing herself with a dagger (sources vary).


Althaea and Ares]


After death Meleagros' shade (his sprit)


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