According to some, this cup shows Hekamede mixing kykeon for Nestor. Tondo of an Attic red-figure cup, c. 490 BC. From Vulci

In Greek mythology, Nestor of Gerenia (Greek: Νέστωρ Γερήνιος) was the son of Neleus and Khlotris and the King of Pylos. He became king after Herakles killed Neleus and all of Nestor's siblings. His wife was either Neleus or Khlotris ; their children included Peisistratus, Thrasymedes, Pisidike, Polykaste, Perseus, Stratichus, Aretus, Ekhephron, and Antilochus.


Neleus and Khlotris

Spouse & Lovers

Eurydike or Anaxibia (wife)




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