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Ouranion or Oranian was one of the Gigantes.  The record of him are lackluster because Ouranion is shown on vases (many of which have now become cracked) rather than written in literature.  Oranion was partially depicted on fragments of a vase the image of which can be seen at the Beasley Arvhive from 6th century B.C. fighting (and most likely being defeated by Dionysius).  This image cannot be shown on the wikia for copyright reasons (to see the image click on the above link). 


Gaia & Tartaros


The best depiction of the Gigante Ouranion is shown in a fragment of a vase that can be seen in the J. Paul Getty Museum or an image of the fragment in the book Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 2 (by Mary B. Moore), however once again copyright laws prevent this wiki from display the image itself (click on the above link to see the fragment).


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