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Peloreus was a many armed Gigante who used that to his advantage by attempting to fight the gods wielding Mount Pelion itself.

In addition to having many arms, the Gigante Peloreus is described by Claudian as having two serpents for the lower half of his body and they are joined at the groin with the rest of the Gigantes body.  Ares cut Pelorus's legs (the two serpents) off and then drove his chariot over the many arms of the Gigante leaving him to be finished off by a mortal hero.


Gaia & Tartarus

Ancient Text

"First impetuous Mars urges against the horrid band his Thracian steeds that oft have driven in rout Getae or Geloni.  Brighter than flame shines his golden shield, high towers the crest of his gleaming helmet.  Pelorus and transfixes him with his sword, where about the groin the two-bodied serpent unites with his own giant form, and thus with one blow puts an end to three lives. Exulting in his victory he drives his chariot over the dying giant's limbs till the wheels ran red with blood."
  - Claudian, Gigantomachia p. 256 lines 75-83


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