Penelos (Πηνελέως) or, less commonly, Penelus (Πηνέλεος) was the son of Hippalkimus and Asterope.  Though he did sail with the Argonauts, he was better known for his part in the Trojan War being an Akhaean soldier.

Not only was Penelos an Argonauts before the war but he was also was one of the suitors of Helen.  Being a suitor of Helen is why he was compelled to join in the campaign against Troy.  Penelos came from Boeotia and commanded twelve ships.  It is also said that Peneleos was chosen to command the Boeotian troops because Tisamenus, son and successor of Thersander had not yet reached manhood and thus was too young to lead the soldiers.

Peneleos killed two Trojans, Llioneus and Lykon before he was wounded by Polydamas and was killed by Eurypylus (son of Telephus).  He left a son Opheltes, whose own son (Peneleos' grandson) Damasikhthon succeeded Autesion, son of Tisamenus, as the ruler over Thebes.


Hippalkimus and Asterope

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