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Periboia whose name means "surrounding the cattle" was one of the Okeanides.  Periboia married one of the younger Titans named Lelantos. Periboia and Lelantos only had one child Aura the titan goddess of the breeze.

The fact that Periboia's name means "surrounding the cattle" implies that she may in some manner be associated with pastureland or a river-stream which cows would drink from.  It is difficult to tell though since Periboea is only ever mentioned once and by Nonnus.


Okeanos & Possibly Tethys

Spouse & Lovers




Ancient Text

"The father of this stormfoot girl [Aura] was ancient Lelantos the Titan, who wedded Periboia, a daughter of Okeanos; a manlike maid she [Aura] was, who knew nothing of Aphrodite [love]."
- Nonnus, Dionysiaca 48. 264 ff (Greek epic C5th A.D.)