Phaethon is the son of Sun Titan, Helios and Merope. He wanted to drive is farther's chariot.


One day at Phaethon's school, he was saying that his dad is the Sun Titan. The other children did not believe him. So Phaethon asked Helios if he could drive the sun chariot to prove that his father was the Titan of the Sun.  Though he did not believe his son would be able to control the chariot, Helios reluctantly allowed Phaethon to try.  Much as Helios had predicted Phaethon was able to maintain control.  His erratic driving caused him to burn areas of the earth and leave others without sunlight. Gaea toldd Zeus about this, so Zeus took his Lighting Bolts and struck down Phaethon. Phaethon crashed in to the children who did not believe he was Helios' son killing them. When the Sun crashed, it made the Sahara Desert.  After hearing of the crash Helios in mourning would not drive the chariot.  Without sunlight people began dying from cold.  Zeus sent Hermes to reason with Helios.  Though Helios was still in mourning Hermes was able to make Helios see that the decision to strike his son down was one made of necessity and that not driving the sun across the sky would not do good for anyone.  Helios finally took up the reigns of the his chariot and continued with his duties driving the chariot across the sky.

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