In Greek mythology, one of the Argonauts was Phalerus.  He was the son of Alkon and grandson of Erekhtheus from Athens. He also attended the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia Phalerus was Alkon's only son, his father took pride in sending him forth to join the Argonauts, so that he would shine conspicuous among those bold heroes, "yet no other sons had he to care for his old age and livelihood".

It is related of Phalerus that he escaped from Athens to Khalkis in Euboes together with his daughter Khalkiope; the Khalkidians refused to deliver him up at the demand of his father. He is credited with having founded Gyrton, he and Akamas are also the reputed founders of the temple of Aphrodite and Isis in Soli. In Phalerum, of which he presumably was the eponym, there was an altar to his and Theseus' children.


Alkon & Unknown Woman

Ancient Text

"After them from Cecropia came warlike Butes, son of brave Teleon, and Phalerus of the ashen spear. Alcon his father sent him forth; yet no other sons had he to care for his old age and livelihood. But him, his well-beloved and only son, he sent forth that amid bold heroes he might shine conspicuous. But Theseus, who surpassed all the sons of Erechtheus, an unseen bond kept beneath the land of Taenarus, for he had followed that path with Peirithous; assuredly both would have lightened for all the fulfilment of their toil."
- Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 1.95

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