Philo is the daughter of an Arkadian hero Alkimedon.  She would be seduced by Herakles an bare him a son Aekhmagoras



Spouse & Lovers





While Herakles was in Arkadia he visited Mount Ostrakina, where he seduced Phialo. Phialo would then bare him a son Aekhmagoras.

When Phialo's father found out about the seduction he exposed them both to die of hunger on the mountain.

Aekhmagoras cried piteously, and a well-intentioned jay flew off to find Herakles, mimicking the sound, and thus drew him to the tree where Phialo sat, gagged and bound by her cruel father. Herakles rescued them, and the child grew to manhood. The neighbouring spring has been called Cissa (from Kissa meaning "jay"), ever since.

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