Sketch of the other half of the opening battle during the Giant War which was shown in Black and White. Ares with a spear is shown striking down Mimon who was armed with a sword. Apollo who holds a bow in one hand and a sword in the other fights Ephialtes and Hera spear in hand prepares to finish Phoitos who holds only his spear (his shield seems to have fallen

Detail of Hera battling the Gigante Phoitos in the Gigantomakhia (War of the Giants). The goddess aims her spear at the sword and shield armed giant. Phoitos (or Phoitios) was one of the Gigantes to fight against the Olympians in their bid to take over mount Olympus. While he was merely strong, did not have verifiable abilities such as Alkyoneus being immortal in his homeland, Phoitos is of note. The reason he is distinguishable is that the deity who helped kill Phoitos by using her spear.


Gaia & Tartaros


Fighting against the Gigantes Phoitos and Harpolykos in the  Gigantomachia was the first time Hera ever directly involved herself in the attempts to destroy enemies (sending a Crab to distract Herakles during his second labor.


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