Poeas was one of the Argonauts and a friend of Herakles.

As an Argonaut, Poeas is identified as the greatest archer of the group. When facing Talos the Bronze Giant who guarded island where the Golden Fleece was held after Medea had drugged Talos it was Poeas who killed the Metal Giant by shooting a poison arrow in the heel. There is however another account where it was Kastor and Polydeukes who worked with Medea to kill Talos.

More famously, Poeas had a role in the apotheosis of Heracles. When Heracles realized he was dying from poisonous centaur blood he demanded a funeral pyre built and lit once he stood atop it. Yet, none of his own men would light the pyre, a passer-by (Poeas) was asked by Herakles to light the pyre. In return for this favor Heracles bestowed his famed bow and poison arrows upon Poeas. Other versions had his son or that Philoctetes was the passer-by or that Poeas assigned Philoctetes the task.

Poeas was also the king of Meliboea Thessaly.

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