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Polyhymnia (Πολυμνια) is the Muse of hymns. She is daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne


  • Kalliope (Καλλιοπη) - The Muse of Epics and Heroic Poetry
  • Kleio (Κλειω) - The Muse of History
  • Erato - The Muse of Lyric Poetry, Hymns and erotic Poetry
  • Euterpe- The Muse of the Flute and Dionysiac Music
  • Melpomene- The Muse of Tragedy
  • Ourania - The Muse of Astronomy
  • Terpsikhore - The Muse of Dance
  • Thaleia (Θαλεια) - The Muse of Comedy



  • She is the only Muse who does not have a symbol


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