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Part of a Greek vase showing Hekate setting Klytios on fire with her tourches, Zeus about to smite Porphyrion with a lightning bolt and Atherna using her spear to defeat Enkeladus

Porphyrion (Πορφυριων) was one of the Gigantes, son of Gaia and Tartaros, born to oppose Zeus. In the Gigantomakhia, Porphyrion climbed Olympus and attacked Hera, but Eros charmed him to fall in love with Hera. Porphyrion was distracted by his sudden love towards the goddess, and was easily killed by the arrows of Herakles and the lightning bolts of Zeus.


Gaia & Tartaros

Ancient Text

"The greatest of them [the Gigantes (Giants)] were Porphyrion and Alkyoneus . . . In the course of the battle [of the gods and giants] Porphyrion rushed against Herakles and also Hera. Zeus instilled him with a passion for Hera, and when he tore her gown and wanted to rape her, she called for help, whereat Zeus hit him with a thunderbolt and Herakles slew him with an arrow."
- Apollodorus, The Library 1.36



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