Prokris the eldest daughter of King Thespius

Prokris (Greek: Πρόκριδος) was the eldest daughter of Thespius King of Thespiae, Boeotia. When Heracles came to stay in Thespiae, Thespius told Heracles "you may have my eldest daughter Prokris as your bedfellow." Though in actuality Heracles only slept for her for one night. By Heracles she would bear the twins Antileon and Hippeus.


King Thespius (Father) & Queen Megamede (Mother)

Spouse & Consort

Herakles (a lover for one night)


Antileon and Hippeus

Ancient Text

by Prokris he had Antileon and Hippeus (for the eldest daughter bore twins) - Apollod. Bibliotheca 2.7.8


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