Omphale wearing Herakles' garb

Omphale (Ancient Greek: Ὀμφάλη) was a daughter of Iardanus, either a king of Lydia, or a river-God. Omphale was queen of the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor; according to Bibliotheke she was the wife of Tmolus, the oak-clad mountain king of Lydia; after he was gored to death by a bull, she continued to reign on her own.



Spouse & Lovers

Tmolus (husband)
Herakles (lover and in some versions second husband)


Agelaus (with Herakles),
Maleus (with Herakles)
Tyrsenus (with Herakles)

Time with Herakles

The theme of penalty for "inadvertent" murder, for his murder of Iphitus, the great hero Herakles, was, by the command of the Delphic Oracle Xenoclea, remanded as a slave to Omphale for the period of a year. compensation to be paid to Eurytus, who refused to accept it. During the time with him Omphale would wear his Nemean Lion pelt and made him dress in women's clothes and do domestic work (classically reserved for women). During his stay there Omphale forced Heracles to be her lover and then to marry her. After his year of servitude Heracles stayed a while longer. She bore Agelaus, Maleus & Tyrsenus.


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