The son of wine-god Dionysus and Ariadne. His brothers include Oenopion ("wine drinker"), Thoas, Peparethus, Phanus and Euanthes ("the richly blooming"). Both Staphylus and Phanus are counted among the Argonauts. As one of Rhadamanthys' generals, he was the founder of the colony of Peparethos on the island of Skopelos in the Northern Sporades island chain. Staphylus dwelt in Naxos Island and was married to Khrysothemis, by whom he had three daughters: Rhoeo, one of Apollo's lovers, Parthenos, and Molpadia (Hemithea). The latter became the mother of Basileus with Lyrkus, after Lyrkus had made a journey to the Oracle at Didyma. Staphylus is said to have enticed Lyrkus into too much drinking of wine and then when his senses were dulled by drunkenness united him with Hemithea.


Dionysus & Ariadne

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